Strong Roots 2 | Climate Change Adaptation Project

Strong Roots is a training and engagement initiative for the community and town council sector in Wales based on a partnership between One Voice Wales and Cynnal Cymru. The Strong Roots Climate Change Adaptation project emerged from this initiative and has so far been implemented in two phases between 2012 and 2014. Phases one and two have been made possible by the Welsh Government’s “Support for Sustainable Living” (SSL) fund, administered by Environment Wales. We have worked with a small group of experts to investigate and support the leadership role of town and community councils in  adapting their communities to the consequences of climate change.  

We worked with a pilot group of four town councils in a process of shared learning. The partners have provided expert advice on climate change science, adaptation strategies and engagement of residents and local groups. In doing so, we learnt about the challenges and opportunities that any community or council faces when addressing this important strategic issue. 

The councils were; Llanelli, Abergele, Penarth and Tredegar. The first three of these are coastal towns vulnerable to the effects of sea level rise and surface water flooding. The fourth, Tredegar, is an upland community that is economically marginalised and vulnerable to the indirect, global consequences of climate change as well as local issues such as drought, wild fires, and surface water flooding.

Strong Roots Parter logos

Pathfinder Programme

A Welsh Government funded programme to support communities to take action on climate change.

Community Energy Wales

Bringing together communities acting on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Support For Sustainable Living

A scheme designed to bring about long-term changes in behaviour and lifestyle to help reduce Wales’ greenhouse gas emissions and help organisations and communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.