Review of Land Use Climate Change

28 Oct 2014 - Report
An assessment of the evidence base for climate change action in the agriculture, land use and wider food chain sectors in Wales.  
Author(s): ADAS UK Ltd
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Strong Roots 2 | Climate Change Adaptation Project

04 Sep 2014 - Report
Climate change is clearly a global issue, but also one that manifests itself locally. The global dimension requires an understanding of the world’s climate (i.e.
Author(s): Cynnal Cymru
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Working with Off-Gas Rural Fuel Poor Households

03 Feb 2014 - Report
This report examines the Future of Rural Energy in Europe (FREE), a three year programme (2010-2013) designed to help fuel poor households in rural, off gas communities in England, Scotland and Wal
Author(s): National Energy Action Cymru
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WCVA - Engaging and Supporting the Third Sector

22 Apr 2013 - Report
As a member of the Climate Change Commission for Wales, WCVA has a responsibility to encourage non-environmental organisations to consider their own impact on climate change, find ways of reducing
Author(s): WCVA
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Eco Innovation Observatory Report on the Green Economy

08 Mar 2013 - Report
Thanks to our colleagues in the Sustainable Development Research Network (SDRN) and their excellent
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Climate Change Commission For Wales 2nd Annual Report

- Report
Launched today (18 February 2013), the Climate Change Commission for Wales' Second Annual Report.
Author(s): Climate Change Commission for Wales
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Climate Change Risk Assessment for Wales

22 Jan 2013 - Report
The Climate Change Risk Assessment for Wales is a report assessing potential risks and opportunities from climate change facing Wales for the rest of this century.
Author(s): Welsh Government
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Committee on Climate Change Progress Report 2013

15 Jan 2013 - Report
The Committee on Climate Change has issued its second report to the Welsh Government on progress reducing emissions and preparing for climate change.
Author(s): Committee on Climate Change
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Exploring Catalyst Behaviours

23 Nov 2012 - Report
A Defra commissioned report which explores how performing certain pro-environmental behaviours can have a knock-on (or ‘catalyst) effect and lead to a wider uptake of pro-environmental behaviours.<
Author(s): Defra
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Science for Environment Policy. FUTURE BRIEF: Green Behaviour

15 Oct 2012 - Report
Future Briefs are a series of “horizon-scanning policy briefs” by the European Commission’s Science for Environment Policy news and information service which provide an overview of
Author(s): European Commission
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Pathfinder Programme

A Welsh Government funded programme to support communities to take action on climate change.

Community Energy Wales

Bringing together communities acting on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Support For Sustainable Living

A scheme designed to bring about long-term changes in behaviour and lifestyle to help reduce Wales’ greenhouse gas emissions and help organisations and communities adapt to the impacts of climate change.