Community Energy Wales

Following a series of meetings and discussions with key stakeholders Cynnal Cymru have initiated a 3-month project to establish a clear focal point for the development of the Community Energy sector in Wales.

The process will be managed through a project board of representatives from the Community Energy sector, and chaired by Peter Davies, Commissioner for Sustainable Futures. The Project Board is expected to meet on three occasions to the end of October when we will hold a meeting with all stakeholders to report back on the proposals for developing the community energy sector in Wales.

The process will draw on the success and experience of similar organisations across UK and Europe, with an aim to establish an independent voice that can represent and support the interests of communities around Wales. This process will involve communities involved in both renewable energy production and in energy efficiency.

As energy prices increase and as measures to address climate change take on an added urgency, the community sector can become a key focus for localising energy supply and taking greater ownership of the benefits of renewable energy production.

Speaking about the sector, Peter Davies stated "I know that there is a lot of excellent community led action already, but there is also growing frustration and a need to address blockages, develop financial models and ensure that the community energy sector is fully represented in plans for a secure, affordable low carbon energy future. 

"I hope that you will be feed into the development work over the next 3 months and contribute to the development of this important initiative."

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